Mariebabs is a Lagos-based women's fashion brand that holds the core values of VOGUE, STYLE, and CLASS. Specialized mainly in Bridal wear, bespoke, casuals, and ready-to-wear. Fashion to us is a tool which we express our innate beauty and also add value to humanity.


Where can I order a dress online with a smooth shopping experience? Am I choosing the right size for this dress? Would it be too small? Too big? It looks good on the model, but would it also look like that on me? These are some of the thoughts that crossed my mind as I looked for some bridal dresses for my friend’s wedding. In spite of that, I chose a size that seemed about right and kept my fingers crossed. After several days went by, her package finally arrived. Excitedly, she tried on the top. To our disappointment, it was too small.


To design an eCommerce website with a seamless checkout process that accepts card payments from customers. A portfolio with a lookbook to showcase all the beautiful designs, with a size guide to enable customers to choose their sizes more accurately to reduce returns rate. Customer Review section to help customers have an idea of products. A product description section. Filters in the shop section. Fast load time. Category section with a wide range of selection. Responsive for desktop and tablet and phone. Blog Section for SEO for marketing. Live chat for customer relations.

The Process






The Result

Untitled design (63)
Untitled design (62)

Final Product

After going through all the steps of Design Thinking, I now have an e-commerce website for Mariebabs that can be used.

Conclusion: Although this entire process took quite some time, it was a learning experience that truly taught me a number of important skills that a UX Designer needs. With my newly attained knowledge and skills, I feel more confident in my ability to tackle new projects.



Release Date

July 2020


UX & Web Design

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